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tellreviews.com - information portal about telephone numbers and information on them, codes of mobile and city operators, country codes, city ​​codes with instructions for calls to various countries and cities. The phone code also contains information about the operators: country, brand, news and much more.

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The project is created so that everyone can find information that interests him according to certain data or leave feedback about a person or company, for example, by phone number, Helping other people determine trust.

Using our site, you can easily determine the mobile operator, as well as the US region in which the desired mobile number is registered. This can be done as a complete number.

Our directory of codes and phone numbers for mobile and landline telephony operators contains all codes used in the USA. The code consists of three digits (219, 917, 702, 501, etc.). Each mobile operator is assigned certain ranges of numbers, which means that each specific code can be served by several mobile operators in different regions. We have absolutely all ranges of mobile numbers, names of mobile operators and all possible regions to which numbers by ranges may apply.

US Phone Numbers

California code

code 415code 323code 916code 408code 909code 619code 805code 951code 209code 818

Texas code

code 210code 832code 512code 469code 214code 281code 817code 903code 972code 713